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Pivotal Analytics

Pivotal Analytics

Data Analytics

ABOUT PIVOTAL ANALYTICS - DATA IS EVERYWHERE. INSIGHTS ARE FEW. The world has become obsessed and overrun with data. Advances in technology coupled with high speed connections and computers in the palms of our hands, has created a world where consumers are producing and digesting data at an ever increasing rate. Mining data to find true insights that can power growth is the business imperative. The days of build it, advertise it, and they will come are long gone. Businesses at the forefront of this data movement will win by harnessing the power of analytics to make better decisions that lead to better results. WHAT WE DO PivotalAnalytics is an analytics and data strategy agency – full stop. We build custom analytics solutions designed to address our clients’ business needs. The analytics solutions we create go beyond the standard reports and dashboards cluttering up your inbox. Our outputs are insights, data visualizations, process improvements, strategic consulting, and data management approaches that become the foundation for a culture of data driven decision making. We listen, hypothesize, design and test with a purpose to create insights - pivotal insights that can unlock opportunities and create sustainable advantages. WHO WE ARE Born from financial and marketing analytics we are a unique blend of fiscally responsible and creative analysts with a passion for problem solving through data analytics. We love using data to solve problems and find new opportunities.

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