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Make some noise

Are you a challenger brand looking to grow and scale? If so, we could be a good fit. We’re a nimble group of seasoned digital strategists, award-winning creatives and savvy collaborators who thrive on working with like-minded marketers and brands. We’re on a mission to find the core beliefs, values and universal truths that set you apart from the competition. Our motto is “make some noise.” The kind that transcends big media buys and broadcast advertising. And results in innovative solutions that rely on big thinking, not big budgets. Solutions you never saw coming. If this sounds intriguing, let’s explore possibilities.

Client Reviews (11)

A Maverick of Creativity


Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

I chose the Miller Group to lead the project of promoting the entertainment insurance entity of a Fortune 500 property-casualty carrier. Blending insurance and entertainment was going to be a challenge, and I wanted to impress a very exacting wordsmith of a vice president. I needed an agency with the creativity for powerful concepts and the precision to execute them without a lot of redlines and rewrites. The moment I saw the image of the Transamerica pyramid sporting sunglasses beneath the headline "Meet Hollywood's Newest Star," I knew I had made the right choice. Also included were billboard ads that featured a clapboard with the headline "Take 3." Pure brilliance and innovation! The campaign and media positioning raised awareness of the new partnership and resulted in a surge of profits.

Director of Advertising and Sales Promotion
Transamerica Insurance Group
over 3 years ago
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