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About The Miller Group

Invention, not convention.
The Miller Group is a creatively led, strategically driven digital advertising and marketing agency constantly seeking and celebrating new disciplines and innovative ways of thinking to meet our clients’ needs.

Everything’s possible. Now what?
The lifecycle of a solution can be measured in days, but a genuine idea can last forever. That’s why we enjoy working with clients who have a clear grasp of their challenge. It leaves us free to focus on the solution.

Winning the branding game
Price, product quality and customer experience are important attributes to building a brand. But companies looking to build a more competitive edge need to find other ways to stand out and connect with consumers. Today’s consumers are now making decisions based on what a brand does and stands for – not just on price or quality. They support brands whose purpose aligns with their beliefs. And they reject those that don’t.

In today’s ultra-competitive market, every dollar counts. That’s why winning companies continuously improve and adapt their products and services to provide consumer experiences steeped in authenticity. Companies that stand for something bigger than what they sell, tune into customers’ beliefs, and take decisive action on issues important to the consumer can more easily connect with consumers on a deeper level. Our job is to help set purpose-driven brands apart. And to ultimately increase their annual revenue.

Client Reviews (11)

A Maverick of Creativity


Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

I chose the Miller Group to lead the project of promoting the entertainment insurance entity of a Fortune 500 property-casualty carrier. Blending insurance and entertainment was going to be a challenge, and I wanted to impress a very exacting wordsmith of a vice president. I needed an agency with the creativity for powerful concepts and the precision to execute them without a lot of redlines and rewrites. The moment I saw the image of the Transamerica pyramid sporting sunglasses beneath the headline "Meet Hollywood's Newest Star," I knew I had made the right choice. Also included were billboard ads that featured a clapboard with the headline "Take 3." Pure brilliance and innovation! The campaign and media positioning raised awareness of the new partnership and resulted in a surge of profits.

Director of Advertising and Sales Promotion
Transamerica Insurance Group
over 2 years ago
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