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Electric Dialogue

Electric Dialogue


FULL-SERVICE DIGITAL MARKETING - At electric dialogue, we act as a consultant and adviser to our clients – our approach is entirely bespoke and each project or campaign is specifically tailored to our client’s objectives and budgets; nothing we do is commoditised. Our seo experience underpins our work, ensuring that we are focused at all times on how our work impacts search engine results, the delivery of traffic to your site and the conversion of that traffic. we do that through and across multiple channels: Digital marketing strategy and consulting Embarking in digital marketing can be daunting, but our team here at ed are here to help support you – no matter the scale of your ambitions. we have a 3-step approach that is designed to inform your digital marketing decisions, covering everything from reviewing your market and target audience, auditing your current digital assets, and building a campaign plan to reach your goals. Organic search (seo) Over 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, and with google having an 88% share of the uk search market, brands with significant visibility in the search results receive tremendous benefit. our organic search (seo) work revolves around improving your online offering through technical optimisation and the production of outstanding content. we never use cheap tricks to fake authority – our work is focused on site users first and foremost. Paid search (ppc, display, remarketing, google shopping) If you’re looking to generate immediate results, there are few better options than running a paid search campaign. our work increases the visibility of your brand and/or products to users that have the best chance of converting. based on a cost-per-click basis (cpc), paid search allows us to drive a high volume of relevant visitors to your website very quickly. Social media advertising Social media is becoming an increasingly important channel in a brands overall digital strategy. with advanced targeting options, we can display bespoke adverts to users that are most relevant to your brand, and encourage them to take an action. if you’re looking to promote a product, offer, news story, or your services, we can design a highly refined campaign that gives you the visibility you need. Affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is a form of performance-based marketing where adverts for your products or services are displayed to your target audience on relevant websites. various actions, such as a sale or sign-up, are established as a way to measure individual conversions. no matter what offer or product you want to promote, our work will help to strengthen the relationship between you, the network, and the consumer to generate the highest possible roi. where possible, we will leverage exclusivity deals to maximise the involvement of the network (and therefore the advertisers) to ensure that your listings get increased invisibility . Web design and development A great website is the bedrock of a successful digital campaign – it is indicative of the quality of your brand. we build websites that both look great, and are flawless in their technical stability. beyond just the aesthetic value of your site, we ensure that your website is set up to deliver relevant information to users and improve the chances of conversion. Our client base is broad – we work for start ups, for smes and for larger organisations and we work across a broad spectrum of markets as well. that breadth of experience allows us to spot trends and to apply what we learn in one market or industry across others.

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Browser London

Browser London


- For over a decade we've helped global brands transform the way they use digital. so what makes browser different from the traditional digital agency? Well, we have successfully designed, developed and taken to market our own digital tools and applications for the web. with over 80,000 users, our twine app is an example of that. We pass on the knowledge we’ve gained in creating our own digital tools and applications back into our client’s projects – adding extra value and giving our clients a competitive advantage. And how do our clients feel about working with us? “their approach to delivering the best possible outcome starts at the very first email / phone call, capturing an understanding of the project and the client (me). they have built a fantastic team around them who, as a team, ensure anything that leaves their office is built to the highest possible standard. It took a while to find the right agency for our project, but having now worked with the team for 8 months it’s clear that we made the right decision.” - nicholas oliver, global creative technical director, global team ford (wpp) “i’d work with browser again because of their deep understanding of and commitment to agile methodology, their depth of knowledge of web design and their tenacity in ensuring that the project team maintains focused on what’s best for the project. the browser london team delivered.” - alex pardoe - project manager, ucl information services division “it’s great to work with a team that are pragmatic in every way, always willing to share knowledge and offer guidance throughout the process. a true full-service product agency.” - sabrina rossetti, innovation and research, royal dutch shell

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