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WE BELIEVE IN MAKING BRANDS GREATER THAN - Over 30 years ago, Antonio Damasio sought to undermine a prevailing belief among his colleagues—the belief that logic yielded good decisions and emotion led to bad decisions. Observing a group of people who (because of a specific brain trauma) had lost the ability to register emotional reactions, his assumption was they’d be able to filter out the emotional noise often attached to decision-making. They’d be like Mr. Spock—cool, rational and incapable of error. Something completely different happened. Damasio found that without emotion, the facts were overwhelming and nearly meaningless. There was no emotional context for their decision-making process. No markers to indicate whether a previous experience had yielded good, bad or indifferent results. The new understanding was this: Emotion doesn’t hinder our decisions, it enables them. It clarifies the logic and provides a roadmap for desirable results. What does this have to do with us? With our clients? Everything. Logic alone won’t convince our clients’ audiences to choose their brand. And logic alone won’t help clients choose to work with Struck. That’s why we’ve spent our careers fighting for emotion—crafting work that connects with an audience on a level that goes beyond feature, function and bang-for-your-buck and we thrive in that space. So, we know that we’re probably not the logical choice. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Multiple Cities
Northwest Media Collective

Northwest Media Collective


ABOUT NORTHWEST MEDIA COLLECTIVE - At Northwest Media Collective Inc., we provide agency level support with the focused attention of a small company. We have some of the best web and digital media talent here in the Northwest. Not only do we have skilled designers, but all of our designers have been small business owners. We know how to be creative to help a business succeed online. Whether it's a website, a tv commercial, or a custom-built iPhone app, we can help plan a solution that is right for you. We are small and local with a broad reach. We maintain connections with many folks locally, and around the world, including: web developers, programmers, designers, marketers and copywriters for international ad agencies, branding specialists, content producers, ethnographers and market researchers. We use a multifaceted approach to overall management; and we customize this approach based on scope, budget and duration of the project. We consider these important variables and choose the best people for the project based on their qualifications and availability. We are flexible and smart, plus we genuinely care about people and delivering a strong message that is on point and authentic. We are nerdy about web & video technology (can’t get enough, do it for fun in our free time and stay ahead of the curve) but personable about everything else (the human connections are what drive us). Perhaps this is why our company was invited to be one of the first to try out Google Glass before it hits the market.

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User Experience

WE DESIGN & BUILD DIGITAL EXPERIENCES - At SingleMind, we deliver ingenuity. For over 12 years. We have crafted elegant, customer-centered technology solutions for clients across the globe. Located in the heart of the Silicon Forest, we bring a passion for problem-solving and a great team-based perspective to every project. From research to development to design, we provide exceptional end-products. Our multi-disciplinary team collaborate on your project from concept to execution - all with the goal to provide a best-in-class user experience. We work together to create high-quality innovative products built on clean, standards-compliant code. Our proven project management process delivers your project complete, on-time and on-budget. Explore the three phases of our service approach: Research Research is the first step to quality development and design. Based on your goals for each project, this phase clarifies user needs and expectations so we can define the right project specifications and timelines required for success. Design We employ individuals expert at Design Thinking, allowing them to think creatively and solve problem in ingenious ways. Our team leverages research outcomes to design effortless experiences for your users. We ensure every action your user takes is purposeful to their journey. Development We actively enforce a number of best practices, such as code auditing, budget controls, automated testing, manual testing, and always follow a strict deployment workflow – to provide you and your users a stable and reliable solution.

10 - 49 Staff
Lake Oswego
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