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Email  Uplers

Email Uplers


ABOUT EMAIL UPLERS - Email Uplers is a full-service email marketing agency. We can help you in executing your email marketing strategy seamlessly. We are a team of 150+ Email experts, who can help you with designing email templates and coding them to perfection. But, this is just the beginning, we can handle end-to-end campaign management, help you with setting up automation, ESP integration & migration, Email audit, in short everything to do with emails. Our certified specialists can also be a part of your extended team and help you achieve your email marketing goals. Whether you wish to cut hiring costs or need a helping hand with your email marketing in the CRM, or looking to hire an expert team to meet aggressive deadlines - Email Uplers can be your reliable partner. Experienced in 50+ ESPs, our experts are certified in all leading CRMs including SFMC and Marketo. What’s more, you can hire our vetted email experts to work dedicatedly for you. A testimony to our expertise is our base of 5000+ customers, including brands like Disney, National Geographic, 21st Century Fox, Ogilvy, Oracle to name a few. Producing 3000+ templates every month compatible with 40+ email clients; Monks have delivered 60,000+ templates to date for Direct Brands, ESPs, and Agencies. We take pride in delighting our new, as well as 80% of Repeat Customers with our best-in-class Customer Experience. We are loved for our 24/5 support, fastest-in-the-industry Turnaround Time of 8 hours, strict NDA terms, 100% money-back guarantee, and complete White-Labeled Service. We take pride in delighting our new, as well as 80% of Repeat Customers with our best-in-class Customer Experience. We are loved for our 24/5 support, fastest-in-the-industry Turnaround Time of 8 hours, strict NDA terms, 100% money-back guarantee, and complete White-Labelled Service. At Email Uplers, we help Email Services Providers, Direct Businesses, and Digital Agencies in designing and coding heavenly emails, custom templates, and conversion-friendly landing pages. We provide the following services: - Design to HTML Email conversion - Fresh Email Template Design and Coding - Email Template Customization - Email Campaign Management - Email Automation - ESP Migration - Banner Design - Landing Page Design and Coding WHY CHOOSE US? - Quickest turnaround time of 8 hours - Strict NDA - Experienced Coders & Designers - White Labeling Opportunities - 100% Money back guarantee - 24/5 Customer and Development Support & so much more.

100+ Staff
San Diego
The Email Marketers

The Email Marketers


ABOUT US - You know that in order to grow your brand email & SMS marketing are more critical than ever. But to execute at the quality you expect you need exceptional copywriters, designers, technical experts, and strategists. Not only is hiring a nightmare but employing all those positions full-time might not be feasible. ‍ Freelancers, on the other hand, are usually proficient at one thing but don't provide the full range of email services you need. Beyond that, who has the time to manage another person managing your email marketing? ‍ Agencies are a dime a dozen but good ones are rare. Those that provide full marketing services are rarely exceptional at any of them. ‍ *Dramatic entry* - This is where The Email Marketers come in. This 100% remote team consists of the most talented email & SMS marketers across the globe. We believe you deserve someone who cares about your brand as much as you do. Often, that’s where agencies fall short, which is why we see ourselves as your outsourced email marketing team. ‍ Email & SMS is where the magic happens: The moment when your customer falls in love with your brand, not just your product. When they find a home in your community. When they delight in your email campaigns and refer friends even when their need has already been met. ‍ Our mission is to support 1,000 purpose-driven brands in touching lives, increasing $, and building lasting customer relationships. Curious about how good we really are? Schedule a call and let’s review your account together.

10 - 49 Staff
Los Angeles
Site Impact

Site Impact


HIGHER GUARANTEED CLICK THROUGH - Site Impact specializes in providing multi-channel direct marketing services and targeted email marketing campaigns with the most seasoned and forward thinking marketing experts in the industry. We achieve marketing success by providing fresh and responsive data through proprietary delivery methods that target and REACH customers to new and familiar brands alike, launching your brand to the next level. With Site Impact, we will drive the right targeted audience to your website, allowing you to successfully promote events, drive sales and increase brand awareness. Why is Site Impact a true digital marketing solution for your brand to fulfill all of your email marketing needs? - Outstanding customer service with dedicated account managers, consulting, training and 60+ production staff onsite - Email Enhanced product to maximize user engagement and increase traffic on top of Email Marketing - No ‘bot’ traffic Guarantee - Same day turnarounds on counts, tests, and orders - Guaranteed higher click-through rates of 2% - Average open rates of 10% to 13% - Proprietary Order Management System with step by step direction - Real-time Tracking Platform - Custom data platform that ensures inbox delivery and ROI match back capabilities -Turnkey private label & API integration Site Impacts elevates traditional Email Marketing by adding tremendous value to your existing marketing plan. Feel free to call us at 954-982-7900 or email [email protected] to discuss further direct marketing opportunities.

50 - 100 Staff
Coconut Creek
Sixteen Ventures

Sixteen Ventures


WHY WE'RE UNIQUE - By leveraging ever-evolving Growth Hacking, Internet Marketing, Subscription Business Model, and Behavioral Targeting best practices mixed with a deep knowledge of the Principles of Persuasion & Customer Psychology, and tightly integrated with data and metric-driven decision making, we help Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies: - Identify their Ideal Customer(s) and the buyer personas for each type of customer - Reach and attract their ideal customers to their website - Nurture and indoctrinate their potential customers to stay top of mind - Design or optimize the sign-up, Free Trial, and customer on-boarding process to drive engagement - Create an environment where conversion from trial to paying customer is the most logical decision - Use Customer Success Mapping to drive continual value realization of value for long-term customer retention - Implement methodologies and technologies to measure, manage, and improve the results of everything above Clients that work with Sixteen Ventures find that their: - Annual Contract Value (ACV) goes up - Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) goes up - Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) go down - Customer Churn goes down - Dollar Revenue Retention (DRR) goes up - Company valuation goes up At Sixteen Ventures, we look at things differently and try to understand why things work the way they do. We pull together what works from different disciplines, business models, industries, etc. to make our clients as successful as possible.

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