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The Creative Momentum

The Creative Momentum


CREATIVE SOLUTIONS THAT TELL STORIES - Best Web Design Firm At The Creative Momentum, we don’t just build good websites. Because ‘good’ is not enough. Your online presence must be remarkable. Story A full-service creative and digital marketing shop specializing in custom web design and development, The Creative Momentum started out with a mission: to create remarkable work that brings our clients’ brands to life. And it’s working; it took only two years for our momentum to reach +3,400% revenue growth (2012-2014). Over 1.3M lines of code and 42,000 cups of coffee later, we’ve helped some of the world’s most forward-thinking brands be remarkable. We turn their vision and culture into a living, breathing connection to the online world, to search engines, and to new lines of revenue. Because of their successes, we’ve had to update our Awards and Accolades page 11 times in the past year or two. That’s awesome. Philosophy Why does our work… well, work? Because we don’t make you compromise between a beautiful website and great functionality. It takes both to create remarkable results. We’ve earned dozens of awards for technology excellence in both front-end design and user experience (UX). By balancing simplistic, yet eye-catching design with usability and engagement techniques, we help our clients land more conversations and extend their brand beyond anyplace ever imaginable. Services The Creative Momentum offers the full suite of traditional and digital solutions, including: custom web/interactive, CMS, mobile web development and responsive websites, inbound marketing, SEO, custom graphic/logo design, branding, advertising, media, and strategic planning. Talent We only hire brilliant, savvy people who are excited about staying ahead of the technology curve. They have killer ideas and super-clean code. Our workspace is fun and collaborative. And we would do anything (ok, almost anything) for our clients. Everyone on our team is motivated to be part of your long-term success – from making your site fully optimized for mobile devices and tablets to ensuring the solution is a cinch for you to manage moving forward. Find Us At or call 1+ 678.648.1445.

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CHEMISTRY, A CULTURE LAB - Chemistry is a culture lab made up of doers and makers united by the belief that an ounce of action is worth a pound of theory. Our name was born out of the belief that culture and commerce constantly want to change. That’s why we approach every day as an experiment. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all formulas. We inherently live to question, to challenge, to make ourselves uncomfortable. We believe in relentlessly asking Why? What if? And What Next? In finding opportunities where no one else has. We play offense, not defense. And we bring dynamite to the gun fight—because we live to Blow Shit Up. Our Blow Shit Up approach is less arson and more architecture. It means disruptions followed by the reconstruction– smarter, more efficient and more creative. This unique approach enables us to identify and solve business challenges by connecting culture, technology, and real-time insights. Whether it is AOR or project work, how we work will always be shaped by what works best for our clients. We build our teams around their needs and then rapidly deploy our diverse knowledge to create work that forges meaningful connections and drives results. There is no Chemistry without our culture. Our agency is full of talented, passionate, warmhearted humans who create us daily. In turn the agency works hard to ensure people are empowered, engaged, and inspired with their work and with each other. The agency motto is BLOW SHIT UP. The agency principles are: - PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. Creating amazing things can get messy. - EMBRACE EXPERIMENTATION. We are in the discovery business. It’s worth the risk. - BE HUMAN. Big ideas vs big words. - EQUITY ISN'T OPTIONAL. Enough said. - WHAT’S THE BEST THAT COULD HAPPEN? Everything is an experiment.

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