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WE MAKE VIDEO, AND WE F*CKING LOVE IT. - Indiewhip makes video. it’s our tool of choice. sight. sound. emotion. all at once. how do we make them? by curating deep relationships with our clients. our clients are our collaborators. together we develop the content they need to tell their story, to connect with their audience on a personal level. we know each client is different, and we tailor each video to fit their needs. Over the years we’ve sculpted a system through hard work, focus and precision, so we come prepared with a chisel because we know you can’t dig into rock with a silver spoon. working with indiewhip won’t give you the traditional client based relationship you might be used to. we’re going to get to know you, how you work, and what you want to say. our long term relationships have benefited both ourselves and our clients. We’re indiewhip. we make video. we f**king love it. and so will you. Shoot us an email at [email protected] we'll get back to you as soon as possible.




PURPOSE BUILT TO SOLVE PROBLEMS FOR BRANDS - Mechanica was purpose built 11 years ago to solve problems and create opportunities for restless marketers. Today’s ambitious marketers are restless out of necessity rather than choice. a restlessness brought about by an exponential increase in the rate of change that is fast transforming every marketer’s competitive, technology, consumer and marketing landscape. Mechanica serves restless marketers through being strategically based, creatively expansive and humanly fixated. Strategically based: Everything at mechanica begins with data and strategy. we have developed a proprietary insight-driven collaboration session (ics) methodology that allows teams of stakeholders to efficiently review large datasets and achieve agreement around key implications. once the key insights have been identified, a focused brand positioning is developed to drive all creative work. this positioning encompasses: target audience, frame of reference, point-of-difference, key support pillars and brand personality. Creatively expansive: Mechanica takes a dramatically different approach to the always-challenging task of translating relevant strategies into effective creative work under always demanding timeframes and budgets. through utilizing an open-source creative development model – our “endless creative hall” – we are freed to expansively and aggressively achieve our clients’ creative goals with no limits on the creativity, breadth or depth of our output. We have been perfecting this approach since our launch, using a hub and spoke system in which dedicated mechanica core teams of strategists, brand and creative directors lead an extended network of creative partners chosen specifically for the task at hand. through utilizing a database of thousands of potential partners and the application of proprietary work processes we are able to deliver a significantly more expansive (and responsive) creative product. this unique approach was specifically designed to address the realities and needs of today’s restless marketers: whether for sheer creativity, quantity and responsiveness of output, flexibility of work process or simply being able to choose the right teams for a given task at a moment’s notice. Humanly fixated: From internal culture, to client relationships, to creating communications, we strive to never lose sight of the fact that – at the end of the day – we are all simply human beings interacting with other human beings. seniority, titles, demographics and a host of other labels do not supersede mutual respect, honesty and transparency. culturally, this makes mechanica an extremely flat and collaborative organization. it creates a tight bond with clients capable of weathering any challenge. and it reminds us daily that good, effective communication needs to engage, inform, and provide something of value. just as any of us, as human beings, would want.

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